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Our Commitment to Diversity

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"Diversity reflects who we are as a society and here at CareFirst. It is the source of our strength when harnessed to our mission. It is the unique contribution of each of us to the higher purpose [that propels us forward]. It is in this insight – in all working together – that we see in our diversity the common spirit of one community and one company that binds us all together."

– Chet Burrell, Former President and CEO

CareFirst is committed to diversity and inclusion. Our mission is to provide health benefit services of value to our customers across the region. To fulfill this mission, we rely on our talented associates and their different experiences and backgrounds.

We are proud to say:

  • Women make up more than 70 percent of CareFirst’s associate population and nearly 50 percent of our associates are from an ethnic minority.
  • We have a multigenerational workforce – more than 20 percent of our associates are Millennials.
  • Over 1000 of our associates participate in Associate Resource Groups (ARGs), which are self-managed associate groups that meet to discuss and support a shared interest, such as wellness.
  • We support and assist military veterans who join the company through our Battle Buddy program.
  • We offer diversity and inclusion training to help associates and managers identify and be more aware of unconscious bias in the workplace.
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Our People.
Our Strength.

When all employees are valued equally, it makes us stronger.

CareFirst Associate Resource Groups (ARGs)

We promote and support our ARGs. These groups are founded on various aspects of diversity, such as ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or military status. All of our ARGs are self-managed by associates willing to volunteer their time. We currently have seven ARGs.


Engages lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) associates and friends to raise awareness and understanding of LGBT inclusion issues and opportunities

Military/Veteran Resource Group

Attracts our military and veteran associates as well as family and friends of military who work at CareFirst

Millennial Resource Group

Helps our younger associates address issues important to them as they begin their careers

Wellness Resource Group

Encourages associates with their goals to be and stay healthy

Black Professionals Network

Builds a professional network for CareFirst associates, serves the unique needs of its community and address the concerns of associates of African origin while promoting their rich cultural heritage and experiences

Hispanic Associate Resource Group

Promotes Hispanic/Latino cultural awareness, increases diversity, and provides professional development and networking opportunities to our associates as we support the Hispanic community

Asian Associate Resource Group

Celebrates the rich cultural heritage of Asian and addresses the unique needs and interests of associates of Asian origin.

For more information on CareFirst’s diversity actions, contact